Residential Locksmith at Safe & Lock by Mike Inc

As is the case with cars, it’s easy to lock yourself out of your house by mistake.  If this happens to you, remember to stay calm.  Trying to break into your own home can lead to injury, and might even attract attention from the police.  The good news is that an emergency locksmith can be sent your house to get you inside.

Since security is paramount, it’s important to know who has access to your home.  If you’re worried about someone having an unauthorized key, you can have a residential locksmith re-key all the locks in your home.  This means that existing keys will no longer work.

Alternately, you can change the locks in your house to respond to a single key.  This may be necessary if you require unhindered access to keep your family or other residents safe.  Even though you might never need it, it never hurts to have a master key.  Creating such a key is well within the capability of a residential locksmith.

We’re always happy to send an emergency locksmith to you.  Don’t hesitate to call us at short notice if you want your locks examined, or simply need your front door unlocked.  Your peace of mind is our goal.

A house is only a home if the residents can truly feel secure.  At 
Safe & Lock by Mike Inc, we think that this is the right of every homeowner and would like to do what we can to make it a reality.


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